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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What ive learnt!

Over the course of this session I have learnt a lot about how to build a web page and also the workings of other web pages and the internet itself. All the thought put into it and the code that has to be done is amazingly hard and then all the procedures to then put the web page onto the web.
Then the need to tag and what not to then get people and search engines like Google to find your page.
I have learnt all about sharing my information online, via flickr, delicious and blogger. Being able to share my information, photo's, videos and even favorite web pages is amazing.
I have also learnt a lot about Google, it is so much more then your average search engine. It helps create and save documents just like word, excel and power point, manages and receives emails under your name, translates different phrases and words into different languages, the list can go on and on.
RSS feeds is a great thing that ive learnt. It is awesome being able to go into a website and go to the raw updated information that i want to know and skip all the boring stuff ive seen before. Also helps me get onto some sites that wont load because of there aesthetics and pointless things i did not want anyway.
Using Mac computers has shown me how easy it is using them. Only ever using windows for the majority of my life and then coming here and using Macs is different but also makes the whole creating and designing thing so much easier with the use of programs such as Iweb, Fetch, Photo booth (i know not shown in this course but still is awesome). I definitely need a Mac :)
Computers in general were never my friends but in this course I have learnt to be get on a common ground with them and be civil.
I have learnt alot in this course and its kind of hard to rememeber it all in one hit.

Thanks Damian! Your Awesome!! :D

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